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This training course is designed by industry experts considering current industry job requirements to provide in-depth learning to program in Python. Go from Beginner to Advanced level in Python with coding exercises!

Duration: 40 hours

Course Contents:

Setting Up Python On Your Computer
         Get Started by Installing Python 3.5
         Setting up Sublime Text to Build Python

Introduction to your first program with Python, data types and variables
         First Program in Python
         Data Types
         How to Clear Screen

Comments in Python
        Single-line Comments
        Multi-line Comments

Expressions in Python
        Basic Arithmetic
        Division Characteristics
        Operator Precedence
        Complex Arithmetic
        Binary Number Manipulation

Learn about Strings
        Basic String Manipulation
        Using the format Method
        Specific Characters

Branching in Python
        Logical Operators and Conditional Statements
        if Statement
        if else Statement
        ifelif Statement
        Ternary Operator

Loops in Python
       for Loop
       while Loop
       break and continue Statements

Functions in Python
       Defining and Calling Functions and Returning Values
       Passing Arguments, Default Parameters, Scope and Nested Functions
       Recursive Functions
       Lambda Functions

Exception Handling
       Exceptions and Errors
       Handling Exceptions
       Throwing Exceptions

Data Input
       Data Input Setup and Input Function
       File Management: Reading
       File Management: Writing

Useful Data Structures
      Tuple Functions
      List Functions
      Shallow Copies
      Set Functions

Modules and Packages
     Built-in Modules

All About Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
     Introduction to OOP
     Class Definition and Object Instantiation
     Class Methods Part 1
     Class Methods Part 2
     Operator Overloading
     Class Inheritance Part 1
     Class Inheritance Part 2
     Extra Notes in Python

Data Visualization
     Installing Modules for Visualization
     Visualization Part 1
     Visualization Part 2
     Visualization Part 3
     Pandas Library

Numpy Library
     Installing the Numpy Library
     Creating Numpy Objects
     Useful Functions from the Numpy Library
     Basic Operations with Numpy Library

    The pdb Module
    Commands for Debugging Part 1
    Commands for Debugging Part 2

Regular Expressions
    Creating, Evaluating, and Compiling Regular Expressions
    Division and Grouping the Results
    Setting the Search Parameters


         2 projects will be covered as part of this training.

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