Mobile Technology

It is a comprehensive android application development training course designed by industry experts considering current industry job requirements to provide in depth learning on android application development procedures. It will be online live instructor-led training. This course is inline with Google’s Associate Android Developer Exam.

It will be instructor-led online live training.

Duration: 50 Hours

Course Content:

1. Android introduction
            Why android?
            Features of android
            What is API Level?

2. Android Architecture
            Android components
            Dalvik Virtual machine

3. Creating android application (Sample app)
            Debugging android application
                        How to run the android application in virtual device and external device

4. Anatomy of android application

5. Organize resource in android

6. Activities in android
            Activity Life Cycle

7. Android Services

8. Service life cycle

9. Android broadcast receiver
            Registering broadcast receiver
            Broadcasting custom intents
            Android content provider
            Creating content provider

10. Fragments
            Fragment Lifecycle
            How to use fragments
            Types of fragments
            Passing data between fragments

11. Android intents/Filters

12. Android Adapters

13. Intent objects
            Types of intents
            Intent Filters

14. Android UI Layouts
            Layout Types.
            Layout Attributes
            UI Controls
            Create UI Controls
            Defining Styles
            Using Styles
            Using nine patch image

15. Android notifications

16. Android REST API
            Json parser
17. Android push notification

18. Social site integration

19. Admob integration

20. Android localization

21. SQLite database

22. Creating Signed APK
            Uploading APK to play store
            Updating uploaded APK to the play store

23. Projects:

            GCM app using fire base live database
            Save our soul app using firebase
            Online furniture shopping app
            E-commerce app with material design

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