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SharePoint is collaboration platform where we can use for document management functionality by means of web portals, by providing a centralized repository for shared documents, as well as browser-based management and administration of them. It allows creation of Document libraries, which are collections of files that can be shared for collaborating. This course is packed with multiple hands-on exercises and projects.

It will be instructor-led online live training.

Duration: 60 Hours

Course Contents:

1. Introduction To SharePoint

What is SharePoint

Overview Of SharePoint

SharePoint On-Premises and Cloud differences

Component of SharePoint

Software & Hardware requirements

Configuration Process

Exploring SharePoint online Central Administration

2. SharePoint Architecture Structure

What is a Farm

What is a Web Application

What is a Site Collection

What is a Web

What is a List

3. Configuring Security and Authentication

What is application pool

User authentication and management

Authentication providers

User Groups Management

4. Web Application Management

SharePoint Creating web application

SharePoint hierarchy

SharePoint Creating site collection

SharePoint Site Templates

SharePoint Creating Sites

Security Groups in SharePoint

Permission levels in SharePoint

5.    Apps in SharePoint

Apps Overview

SharePoint List/Library Introduction

SharePoint List Creation

Create a SharePoint list programmatically

SharePoint Additional List Functionality

SharePoint List Views

Column validations and List validations in SharePoint

SharePoint Versioning and Content Approval

SharePoint Create Columns

SharePoint Libraries

SharePoint Site Columns

SharePoint Content Types

6. Web Parts In SharePoint

Overview Of SharePoint Web part

Types of Web Part

Out Of Box Web Part

List View Web part

Content Editor Web Part

Script Editor Web Part

Custom Web Part

7. Workflow In SharePoint

Overview of SharePoint Workflow

Types Of Workflow

Create a Workflow using Out Of Box

Create a Workflow using SharePoint Designer

Create a Workflow using Visual Studio

8. Event Receiver In SharePoint

Overview of SharePoint Event Receiver

Types Of Event Receiver

9. Pages In SharePoint

Master Page

Site Page

Page Layout

Application Page

10. Object Model In SharePoint

Overview Of Object Model

Server Object Model

Client Object Model

JavaScript Object Model

11. Features In SharePoint

Features in SharePoint

New features in SharePoint online

Limitation Of SharePoint online

12. Services in SharePoint

Overview of SharePoint Services Application

Types Of Services

Search Services

Excel Services

User Profile Services


Access Services

Managed Metadata services

Visio graphic services

Secure Store Services

13. SharePoint Administration Basics

14. Projects: Live Project presentation

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