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ASP.NET training will help you become a more efficient, effective developer. Today, ASP .NET is one of the most favorite programming frameworks in the web-development industry. Hence, going through an ASP.NET training course is extremely beneficial if you want to quickly find a place in the job market.

ASP.NET MVC is a framework for building scalable, standards-based web applications using well-established design patterns and the power of ASP.NET and the .NET Framework. In this course we will give an introduction to ASP.NET MVC from a beginner’s perspective

It will be instructor-led online live training.

Duration: 50 Hours

Course Conte nts:

1. Introduction to ASP.Net and .Net Framework:

        Web Development Technologies

        Classical ASP vs. ASP.Net

        .Net Framework and its components

        .Net Architecture

        Base class Library

        Common Language Runtime (CLR)

        .NET Assemblies

        Idea of client side scripting , XHTML, CSS, Java script & j-Query. (Practical)

2. C# Fundamentals:

        C# Fundamentals: Basic classes, declarations, conditionals, loops,

        Array, Strings, Enumerations, Structures.

        OOP in C#: Class, Object, Encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism

        Exceptions and user defined exceptions and the garbage collector

        Interfaces and collections

        Delegates and Events


        Generics basics

3. Windows Forms Application:

        Basic windows programming: forms, component class, control class, control events, menus, status bars, tool bars.

        Form Controls: control hierarchy, text boxes, buttons, check boxes, radio buttons , list boxes, combo boxes, etc.

        Listboxes and Menus

        Toolbars, StatusBars, TreeView & Listview

        Windows, Pages && Navigation, Data Binding with Datagrid

4. Web Application development and ASP.NET Controls:

        Web Forms

        Application Life-cycle

        Page Life Cycle

        File & Folder Management

        Use of different controls (ex: ASP: Label, ASP: Text Box, ASP: Button , ASP: Dropdown List etc.)

5. Validation

        Required Field Validator Control

        Compare Validator Control

        Range Validator Control

        Regular Expression Validator Control

6. Ajax & WCF

        Using Ajax with Ajax Control Tool kit

        Using J-Query Ajax

        Using Web Services

        Using WCF

7. Managing State

        Session, Cookies, View State, Hidden fields

        Roles of Web. config and Global. asax files

        Master pages and content pages

        Site Navigation

8. Basics of RDBMS and SQL Server

        Creating Database objects (Table, view, procedure, triggers)

        Writings Query (Joins)

9. ADO.Net

        Data Access with ADO.NET

        Connected and Disconnected architecture

        Data binding with GridView, Formview

        SQLConnection, SQLCommand, SQLDataAdapter, SQLDataReader)


        Creating Login panel, user registration, Admin panel

10. Three tier architecture and concepts of MVC

        Under Standing and Implementation of 3 tire Architecture in .Net

        Concepts of MVC

        Creating a Basic MVC Project with Unit Tests in Visual Studio

        Controllers and Action Methods in ASP.NET MVC Applications

        Views and UI Rendering in ASP.NET MVC Applications

        Models and Validation in ASP.NET MVC

        Organizing an ASP.NET MVC Application using Areas

        Action Filtering in ASP.NET MVC Applications

        Organizing an ASP.NET MVC Application using Areas

        Concepts of Entity Framework

        Creating Login panel, user registration, Admin panel, shopping cart functionalities

11. Hands-on:

        Real time Project will be covered as part of this course.

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