Java Technology

It is a comprehensive Advance Java training course designed by industry experts considering current industry job requirements to provide in-depth learning on Advance Java Modules including Hibernate and Spring framework.

It will be instructor-led online live training.

System prerequisites:

2 GB RAM, Windows/Linux OS

Duration: 70 hours

Course Contents:

1. Basics of a Web application
            What is a web application?
            What is a web client and web server?
            How do client and server communicate?
            HTTP protocol basics
            HTML language basics
            What is a TCP/IP port, URL?
            Need for a Web Container

2. Web Container and Web Application Project Set up
            To set up Tomcat Container on a machine
            To set up a Servlets JSP project in Eclipse
            To configure dependency of Servlet JSP APIs
            Web application project structure

3. Servlets
            What are Servlets?
            What can they do? Why are they needed?
            How do Servlets look in code?
            GET/POST request; differences between the two
            Servlet Lifecycle
            Servlet Context and Servlet Config
            Forwarding and Redirection of requests

4. Session Management
            What is a session and why is it required?
            How to get a session?
            Session information passing between client and server
            Session information passing mechanisms - Cookies, Rewriting
            How to destroy a session

5. JSPs
            Introduction to JSP and need for JSPs
            Basic HTML tags
            JSP Lifecycle

6. JSP Elements
            Significance of above elements and fitment into the JSP Lifecycle
            What are Directives in JSP?
            Page Directive
            Include Directive
            Taglib Directive

7. JSP Tag library
            JSP Standard Actions
            Expression Language
            JSTL basics and it is usage
            Need for Custom Tag Library
            Custom Tag Library implementation

Hibernate Framework (version 3.x)

1. Introduction
            What is ORM principle?
            Why ORM?
            ORM implementations

2. Hibernate Architecture
            Introduction to Hibernate
            Hibernate Architecture
            What are Persistent classes?

3. Hibernate CRUD
            Setting up Hibernate project
            Configuring all JARs and XML files
            Setting up connection to DB using Hibernate
            Performing basic CRUD operations using Hibernate API
            Object Identity; Generator type classes
            Using SQL with Hibernate
            Using HQL
            Using Criteria queries

4. Mapping Collections and Associations
            To define sets, map, lists in Hibernate
            Association Mappings

5. Hibernate Caching
            What is caching?
            What are the types of caching in Hibernate?
            Explanation of various caching mechanisms in Hibernate

6. Using Hibernate Annotations

7. Sample example of using Hibernate Annotations

Spring Framework (version 3.x)

1. Introduction to Spring
            What is Spring?
            Spring Architecture explanation and all its components

2. Introduction to all modules of spring
            Spring Bean Factory
            Spring Application Context
            Spring DI
             Spring AOP
            Spring Integration; Spring messaging, Spring JMS
            Spring MVC
            Spring DAO

3. Setting up spring
            Setting up of Spring framework
            Download JARs
            Configure XML files

4. Dependency Injection
            What is Dependency Injection?
            How is it implemented using Spring Framework?
            Bean Wiring mechanisms in Spring

5. Spring AOP
            What is Spring AOP?
            Implementation of Spring AOP

Java WebService

1. SOAP base webservice

2. RESTful webservice

Projects: 1 E2E project will be covered as part of this course.

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