Big Data Hadoop

This Big Data Admin Hadoop training course is a comprehensive training designed by industry experts considering current industry job requirements to provide in-depth learning on Big Data and Hadoop Admin Modules. Cloud Lab access will be provided for a month.

It will be instructor-led online live training.

System prerequisites:

8 GB RAM, Windows/Linux OS

Duration: 30 hours

Course Content

1. Bigdata introduction
            Why Hadoop?
            Hadoop Components
            Hadoop v1 vs Hadoop v2
            Hadoop Architecture
            Hadoop Eco System

2. Linux Basics

3. HDFS Architecture

4. Map-Reduce components

5. Hadoop Read/Write operations

6. Hadoop Cluster Planning
            Selecting Hadoop Hardware and Cluster design

7. Hadoop Installation
            Hadoop installation as a Single Node Installation
            Hadoop installation in distributed installation

8. Map-Reduce and YARN Architectural differences

9. Running MapReduce and YARN Jobs

10. Zookeeper Architecture

11. Hadoop High Availability Implementation

12. Sqoop and Oozie Installation

13. Flume Architecture and Installation

14. HIVE Installation

15. Kafka
            Kafka building components
            Installation of Kafka components
            Integration with HDFS, YARN

16. Kerberos

            What is HBase?
            Why HBASE?
            HBase Architectural components
            HBase Installation
            How HBase and HDFS Integration works?
            HBase and MapReduce integration
            HBase cluster performance tuning

18. Hadoop Cluster Installation using Cloudera Manager

19. Hadoop Cluster Monitoring and Monitoring tools

20. Hadoop installation in Cloud

21. Provide support for Cloudera Certified Hadoop Admin (CCA).

22. Projects
            Multi-node Hadoop cluster installation in VM setup
            Hadoop cluster installation using Cloudera Manager
            Hadoop cluster installation using Ambari
            Ambari installation in VM setup.

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