This AWS Solution Architect – Associate Level Certification course will help you learn the key concepts, latest trends, and best practices for working with the AWS architecture – and become industry-ready AWS certified solutions architect.

It will be instructor-led online live training.

Duration: 45 hours

Course Contents:

1. Introduction and Getting Started with AWS
            AWS Overview
            Overview of AWS Products and Services
            Basics of Networking

2. AWS Elastic computing with EC2
            EC2 Basics.
            Amazon Machine Images (AMIs).
            Instance Types and instance purchasing options.
            Elastic Block Store (EBS).
            Security Groups.
            Private and Elastic IP Addressing.
            Demo on launching and Using of an EC2 Instance.
            Connect with an instance and hosting a website on AWS EC2 instance.

3. AWS Storage Services
            S3 Basics.
            Buckets & Objects.
            Storage Classes.
            Object Lifecycles.
            Object Versioning.

4. AWS Virtual Private Cloud & Direct Connect
            AWS Global Infrastructure.
            VPC Basics.
            Internet Gateways (IGW).
            Route Tables (RTs).
            Network Access Control List (NACLs).
            Availability Zones (VPC Specific).

5. AWS Database Services
            RDS and DynamoDB Basics.
            Provisioning an RDS MySQL Database.

6. AWS Elastic Load Balancing & Auto Scaling
            ELB Basics.
            Creating an ELB.
            Auto Scaling Basics.
            Using Auto Scaling.
            Demo of Load distribution & Scaling up your resources.

7. AWS Route 53 & Management Tools
            Route 53 Basics.
            Using Route 53.
            CloudWatch Basics.
            CloudWatch Metrics and Alarms.

8. AWS Application Services and AWS Lambda
            SNS, SQS and SES Basics.
            Lambda Basics.

9. AWS Security & Identity Services
            What is IAM?
            IAM Initial Setup and Configuration.
            IAM Users and Policies.
            IAM Groups and Policies.
            IAM Roles.

10. Mock Test & Doubt Clearing Session
We will keep this module for sample Question and Answer session similar to AWS certification along with any doubts covering any of AWS services we have explored so far.

11. Hands-on/Projects
2 Projects will be covered as part of this course.

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