This AWS Admin training is designed to help you gain in-depth understanding of Amazon Web
Services (AWS) architectural principles and services. You will learn how cloud computing is redefining
the rules of IT architecture and how to design, plan, and scale AWS Cloud implementations with best
practices recommended by Amazon.

This is in line with AWS SysOps Associate Certification Training.

It will be instructor-led online live training.

Duration: 25 Hours

Course Content:

1. Introduction to The Course
            Introduction & Overview
            Getting Started - What You will Need
            The History Of AWS So Far
            Sign Up To AWS Free Tier

2. Identity Access Management (IAM)
            Create A Billing Alarm - Lab
            IAM Summary

3. AWS Object Storage and CDN - S3, Glacier and CloudFront
            Create an S3 Bucket
            Version Control
            Cross Region Replication

4. EC2 - The Backbone of AWS 
            Let us Get Our Hands Dirty! Launch An EC2 Instance
            How To Use Putty (Windows Users Only)
            Security Groups Basics
            Upgrading EBS Volume Types
            Creating a Windows EC2 Instance & RAID Group
            AMIs - EBS Root Volumes vs Instance Store
            Load Balancers & Health Checks
            Cloud Watch EC2
            EFS - Concepts & Lab

5. Route53
            Route 53 - Register A Domain Name
            Simple Routing Policy
            Weighted Routing Policy
            Latency Routing Policy
            Failover Routing Policy
            Geolocation Routing Policy

6. Databases on AWS
            Launching an RDS Instance
            RDS - Backups, Multi-AZ & Read Replicas

7. VPC
            Introduction & Overview
            Build Your Own Custom VPC
            Network Address Translation (NAT)
            Network Access Control Lists vs Security Groups
            Custom VPCs and ELBs

Custom VPCs and ELBs

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